Raining Momokos

“it is raining momokos… ” from an email received this morning from Rudi letting me know that Snow White is finally in (yaayayayay!) and to pay up or die XD
So, I had to check it out. And it is! It is raining Momokos!
First off, my beloved Snow White is in. Sekiguchi added an English section and she’s listed under “collaboration” and the artist is… Kunie Kanbara! No wonder she’s so fantastic! Which led me to the other collaborative Momoko… Kana!

Momoko totally owns my soul.
Just arriving:

For preorder:

And then… little chibi Mame Blue Labyrinth:

Rudi will hook you up.

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  1. oh noooo i think i just fell in love with the girl with the orange coat and blue tights.

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