Click while it is still on the front page of the Chronicle food section. Or click here for a direct link to the article.
That burly redhead with fambly is my brother and his wife and kids.
Weee! Now I’m going to go read the article.
And if you look reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally close at the second pic you can see the dollfie I made for my brother, Madamoiselle Crepinette in her red gingham get-up. DOLLFIE IN THE NEWS! I like to help.

One thought on “Quick!”

  1. Wow. Long time lurker decloaking here to tell you that I think your redesign is utterly fantastic and a real inspiration for me. It’s so fresh and springy and whimsical! It’s a bit like spying he first robin of the season and knowing spring is well and truly on it’s way! Good, good stuff!

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