Poor Frank

At last, a Volks Preorder.
EDIT! I missed the 1/6th bodies. Sorry for the cornfusion, they are there…. go order now!

It’s not pretty, but here is the current preorder from Volks.
Most usual rules apply, all orders are non-cancelable, SD and MSD require a
deposit. All orders are taken in Yen, for conversion to Dollars on receipt
of the exchange rate. 15% is then added for shipping costs to us. I cannot
give you a Dollar price until the items are in stock.
Volks has not given us a ship date, so I cannot give one to you. As always,
we hope for a quick shipment. I cannot guarantee any orders will be shipped
complete, as there have been out of stock products on the last few orders.
Unfortunately, we have no control over this.
If an item you are looking for is not on the list, I CANNOT order it for
you. This is all that they are currently offering us. I have no
information other than what is shown on the site. If there is no picture, I
have no current picture. The only thing I can do is direct you to
www.volks.co.jp as they may have pictures.
Sorry, but this is all very last minute as usual, and we have had very
little time to prepare for this. It’s the first preorder on our new
shopping cart site, so there may be some problems. Please call if you have
any questions, or e-mail. The site allows credit card orders only. If you
have a different method of payment, please call.
Thanks again, Frank.

I did order some SD shoes, a head and some wtg clothes and the boobie girls. At least I hope I did. I’ll call tomorrow to make sure they got my order. Had to really hold back ordering pure skin Megu though. Sigh. Saving up for summer…