Poor Biscuit. He got his

Poor Biscuit. He got his nips tucked yesterday. Both Mr. Kallisti and I were feelin’ terrible yesterday about it. He’s a brave little man and was feelin’ a bit perkier this morning.
Also, “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders” is my new favorite movie EVER.


Hrm. It is like a Svenkmeier’s Alice meets Hammer Horror meets Bergman. LOVE.
Melissa brought over her white skinned Dark Elf Soo yesterday for blushing and coating. She’s on the white mature Lishe body. This was our first time seeing one in person and Oh! So beautiful. I’m not a fan of the Lutz face sculpts (as beautiful as they are) but that lovely white skinned body. And boobs. Very nice. I wonder if Volks is going to bring back optional parts in pure skin and how well would a lutz white fit with pure skin snow? She’s definately whiter than Fifi, but that was to be expected.
And on other doll wishes. It occured to me that since Volks recently released Anais II maybe someday they’ll release a Sasha II.
We can dream, can’t we. JUST DON’T THEY DARE DO IT THIS WINTER. That is all I’m sayin’. Also, my Anais II dress should be here Monday/Tuesday. *holds breath*
Um, what else. Oh here, have a Cruikshank:


Ohmigosh. Requested additional photos for an auction, and the seller sent me 10 2mb photos. Eeeek!
Oh! Ah! They will be mine (I’m jinxing it I know, but I’m bored and must share).


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  1. OMG! My boss just recieved a black hair dolly just like those two in the last picture! It was given to her because it looked like her… 🙂 This is my second time seeing these dollies. 🙂 You definately should get them!

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