Pirate Licca

I’ve had a pirate Licca in my brain for awhile. The same day this naked Princess Licca arrived at the post office, I picked up a copy of Dolly Dolly 3. Welp. Wouldn’t ya know it. A lovely Momolita Pirate Licca is near the front of the book, with the easiest pirate hat pattern ever. I trimmed her bangs and painted her lips read. I whipped up the stockings (made from stockings from a real Pirate store in SF!) and cobbled together the rest of the outfit out of Blythe clothes. I wanted to make the whole thing, but this was perfect, why duplicate when you don’t have to? Oh, and my scrumMr. Kallisti made the jolly roger on her hat out of sculpey. *squeak!*

7 thoughts on “Pirate Licca”

  1. Cute! I’d like to know where you go that little beer. O_o By the way, isn’t Fifi supposed to arrive soon?

  2. I think we picked up those tiny mugs and martini glasses at the Archie McFee store in Seattle. Don’t know if they’re in their catalog or online though. I just stuck a tiny bit of cotton on top to make the foam ^_^
    And we’re still waiting for Fifi, haven’t heard from Rudi yet. I believe he’s still catching up after returning. I’m on pins and needles, you betcha.

  3. Awww…. I love the hat, it’s super cute! 😉 I’m on a bit of a pirate kick lately. I’m working on one too! She won’t be near as cute as yours (she’s kinda evil, actually). I like the stripey stockings you have on a lot of your girls – where do you get them?

  4. I’m a huge pirate freaknut. Anything piratey from the authentic to silly makes me happy. I even went to Vegas the first year Treasure Island opened just to see it. It’s sadly changed so much now, they’ve completely de-piratized it. Poo!
    The red/white stockings I all made myself. The others are from various sources like lollipop girls outfits and wtg socks (they had like three pairs!).
    Oh, and the azone jellybean set in blue, orange & yellow.
    I have a dozen or more pairs for myself as well. I guess I collect stripey socks!

  5. Actually, could I implore you to scan the hat pattern for me? I’m trying to do a big soft sculpture of Captain Hook and I’m not sure how to make the hat (I just want to see what the pattern looks like).

  6. Of course! I have actual for real patterns too. The licca one is specifically made simple for tiny dolls. You’ll see what I mean. Will send this weekend.

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