Peppermint Princess Pinky

I got a sewing machine for christmas. Wowie zowie. It has been years since I’ve had one, and consequently haven’t sewn anything (hardly) since.
I was so excited I sat down and made a wee dress. Things always turn out more complicated than one plans, but in this case it was all for the best! Much better than I had originally planned.
This is out of recent scraps I’ve bought for something to do SOMEDAY. Well, that someday still hasn’t come, but the wonderful thing about 1/6th is it takes very little of your precious stash.
So, here she is, my Peppermint Princess:

I made a quickie pattern out of muslin for the bodice, and then used it for the bodice lining. The rest of it was improvised. She really needs some spaghetti straps as the bodice does NOT want to stay up on Pinky’s new petite bosom (I didn’t want too much of a challenge on the bodice fitting). Any sudden movement and she’s shamelessly exposing herself. Va-va-va-voom!