Means a new pair of shoes from Dollheart! Justification: matches tophat! *falls over*
I’m going to attempt to go to work today, so much to do! Ack. Feeling better, but weak. I haven’t had stomach flu for aaaaaaaaaaages. It possibly could have been food poisoning, but I had the severe chills so I’m thinking flu. No sinus infection, thank GAWD. That was one boon of quitting smoking. I hardly ever get sinus infections anymore, woot!
And just in case you missed my late night Fat Tuesday post… don’t miss out on my silly pix!

One thought on “Payday!”

  1. Beautiful shoes. I love the collection that you have. Unless, of course, you’ve recieved more than from the last time you posted your pictures of them.
    And, congrats to quitting smoking. My mom smokes, even if I would much rather she quit, and the benefits I’ve heard from people are wonderful~ Even if it is hard! XD!
    I love the shoes, and I love the top-hat. Especially since you made it! Again, I wish I could make something like that. Lovely, lovely, lovely~ <3

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