One long hello…

It feels like each post this winter has been an apology for not posting. Well, we gots stuff going on. This last weekend was spent in a strange fever. *gack* I tried to get ready for work this morning, and the outfit I ended up with said it all: STAY IN BED
However, I dream of dollies all the time, dollies and old friends. So we’re still here. I did manage to give St. Trinian the spa treatment a week or so ago! There’s a close-up with pictures of the new old china cabinet below.

Yes, that is Tonner’s Hortencia (Cinderella’s evil stepsister). I totally love her and Euphemia, they are snooty-tastic. I think they are better Ellowynne Wilde-style candidates for the spooky girls. Hortencia here has the plus sized doll body, she’s all big and round. I really like it actually. Her clothes are actually too big on Unoa large milk part body! ‘magine that! Also, I don’t need to rename them.
We also scored an old printers tray to fill with tiny objects. Phew!
I’ve also done some other dolly love sick day projects… cleaned Casa Formica from floor to ceiling, including all the dollies therein. They’ve all been dusted, washed, redressed, combed… and the case of a few Blythe’s, shampoo’d, conditioned and dried. Phew! They needed some lovin’… and to make room for my new girl, Ichigo Heaven, that I’ve been dragging to work with me recently :p

Here’s a leetle Snow White from Azone…

Groovy releases from Tonner. I like Aliens and Victorian Frippery. Neato!

2007 Alice

2007 Cinderella & Kitty

7 thoughts on “One long hello…”

  1. Out of curiosity, how is Aschenputtel? I look at your dolly pictures and search for her, but I haven’t seen her as of late. Is she doing well?

  2. Aw, thanks Anne!
    She’s got a repair that needs a bit of color touch up. Volks offered to have the artist redo her but it was almost as much the doll. So I humbly passed on the kind offer.
    I’ll post pix of her soon!

  3. Hi I just wanted to de-lurk. I fell in love with your dolls, and then all the other bits a while ago, and figured I should say something!
    I posted a link here on my site, I hope you don’t mind.

  4. Hi Viv!
    Your site and creations are gorgeous! Thanks for peeking in and saying “hi”…

  5. HELP…can you tell me where and how to buy Euphemia and Hortencia dolls???? also interested in all from your collection … awaiting any help…

  6. Hi Kallisti! I stumbled across a picture of a gorgeous Blythe doll that was attached to your blog, however, I can not seem to find it within the blog itself. In the photograph she had deep red hair and a beautiful green coat with embroidered animals near the hem. Where on earth did you find….all of it?!?! I’m in love!

  7. Hi! I just wanna say that this doll with the white hair and the incredible beautiful face is REALLY cute! What is the name of it? And if you know, where can I buy it?

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