Old rag

So. I weeded out five crates of books last night to sell or take to the free book exchange at the El Cerrito recycle center. It got rid of all the books stuffed into crevasses and left a few nice wholes for expansion.
If we can swing it we might box up a bunch and put them in storage in the garage. If I can bear it.
But I found something Mr. Kallisti brought back for me from one of his many trips to the free book exchange! It is an early 70’s crochet magazine, I’m assuming it is Japanese. But he brought it home because of the doll on the back cover:

And one of the fab pix inside:

Now, where are my Oshare dolls? They were supposed to be released in November. *sniff*

2 thoughts on “Old rag”

  1. *squee* Mod clothing! I love! That reminds me, I want to make a “Twiggy-like* outfit for Pixie.

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