Oh! Sweet Xmassy Blastmilky Goodness!

It is all Mythosidhe’s fault. But holy cow! Tonner is determined to win me over to the dark side. First with their Alice line which I am still resisting reluctantly… but this… THIS! I don’t think I can resist.
Mrs. Claus & The Elves.

Mrs. Claus Basic and one of her outfits. Squee, veritably. I love her face actually. Which is a first for me and Tonner. Aieeee! I just noticed she’s on the Emme “plus sized” body! Hardly pudgy, just more girl-sized really. I love it. Emme has a fugly face, which makes me sad. Cuz it is a great idea. *bounce*
Which brings us to… their Cinderella series! Hortencia is also using the plus sized body. She’s lovely, but the series doesn’t impress me as a whole like I feel it should.

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  1. Oh my! They are winning me over too…I must have the sweet kiddie candy goodness! So Cute!!

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