Finally word from Masamichi. Sigh. I think we’re going to have to have a fire sale. Otherwise, six months, another year? More? Before another preorder is made available outside Japan.
Unoa Lusis with large boob plate and pink froofy wig & cat ears. I hear her calling me.

And here’s the scans from Dolly Dolly 5 of the Oshare Fashion Girls by Takara. The page with the yellow background shows the two commercial dolls in dress patterns featured in this issue.

4 thoughts on “o_o”

  1. Those photos are awesome! Where’d you find them?
    I have been weeping for a Unoa for so long – I won’t be able to get in on this preorder unless a miracle happens or I sell some of my eggs and plasma >_<

  2. The photo spread is from Dollybird 3! Ain’t they the CUTEST!?!?!
    I know, me too. And the timing couldn’t be worse. But I will part with some beauties (that are eventually replaceable) to make this happen.
    And I promised my husband I’d make sure my car got fixed too. Deal!

  3. Oooh, I’m happy you’re getting one, I cannot wait to see how you dress up your own Unoa (she’ll be dahling!).
    My boyfriend, erp, fiance ;p likes to joke that he only asked me to marry him to keep me from acquiring ridiculously expensive dolls for a year…sometimes I believe him o_O heh heh

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