4 thoughts on “My First Doll”

  1. OH MY GOSH that is amazing! I love it! That is so cool that you still have it. I wish I still had at least one of my childhood Barbies or toys in general… but I doubt it. Some of my legos might be rolling around with my little brother’s.

  2. You can thank my Grandmother, and then my Uncle, who preserved a bunch of my “treasures” in an old hamper. They have only recently come back into my posession.

  3. Is that… a toilet paper roll? Aheh, it just kinda… uhh, well, it looks like one, you know? ^.^
    Now what was it I originally wanted to say? Oh yes, JUNGLE KITTYYYYYYY!

  4. Yes, that is indeed a toilet paper roll doll. I made it when I was six. And her arms are made out of wire, her dress out of kleenex, with little rose tea tabs as decoration around the hem.
    It is precious to me!

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