More, more Momoko!

She is on the way…

Blue Labyrinth or Sea Maze or whatever. Funny they don’t release a decent peekture until she’s already sold out. But I preordered her 6 months ago. Yikes.
And now this! All Aimee’s fault… Snow White & Pink Poodle.
Consider them preordered. YAY RUDI!
Not due out til this Winter. Time to make excuses on how to pay for them and come up with the monies.

2 thoughts on “More, more Momoko!”

  1. So happy to find this the other day! I’ve been a fan since the first online issue of SIH. 🙂 and I love dollfies and blythe – i used to have an original blythe in good condition that i sold on ebay 2 years ago to buy a bunch of stuff to write a novel with. 🙁 i miss her. i do still have rosie red blythe, though.
    anyway, i linked you. despite the URL my blog is not a knitting blog – it’s general crafts with an emphasis on craft book reviews.

  2. I am so not fully awake. When I scrolled down and saw the picture of Snow White I thought “Why would she come with a chicken drumstick?”

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