Momorita Bryce!

Blythe News!

[momorita] & brassiere chair collaboration doll created!

Just a little you play to [raburipanku], and the clothes which plus do heart, “[momorita] of popularity (small Mori Momoko)” with the brassiere chair which is born with collaboration, announce CWC limitation “[aruteimetsutotsua]”.

[aruteimetsutotsua] you open the window and shoot, the long ~ are and start to traveling. Color it is in the encounter and experience dream being able to add, while the important person and mono protecting, to increase the treasure steadily, “being cute, powerfully!”It is to go out to ultimate traveling.

As for vigorous full [aruteimetsuto] tour, being cute, powerful.

Is lovely in the densely pupil of the long hair of the two tail, mischief of [dokuro]… Also the eye which is made the oral cause of inserting the line in oral angle clearly, pulls her forcibleness and has let stand.

As for dress with pink ## gingham check, race/lace and [dokuro] in coquettish flat tire style. When the jacket of the sailor color is dispersed, the bat stops in the skirt, play heart which how is said.

Blouse and short pants and wristband of frill sleeve with race/lace errand in [garitsushiyu].

The small demoniac brassiere chair which is different always just a little go ahead with in the pleasure!

CWC limited neo brassiere chair “[aruteimetsutotsua]” selling price: 17,640 Yen (including tax)

CWC limited petite brassiere chair “[aruteimetsutotsua]” selling price: 3,990 Yen (including tax)

Sale schedule month: 2007 March

* [momorita]*

Humor the brass was done in [pankuteisuto], furthermore unique producing the doll clothes.

2003, at 2004 ZERO Goods universe, [orijinarurika] 2 body releases.

Furthermore with original doll clothes brand “MOMOLITA_preta”, with kitsch cool doll clothes and small article in the midst of plan sale.

Sale was started in 2005, the collaboration 60cm fashion doll of the [obitsu] factory 遙 (HARUKA) it produces.

Presently it does also doll commodity development, clothes trial manufacture and produce etc.

[momorita] HP:

ZERO Goods universe HP:

And not to be sneezed at: “Tailor GIbson”… the lovely needle child… sits in a garret with a view of the eiffel tower going blind from sewing beautiful things. I kid you not.
Both due out in March. May the dolliverse pantheon take pity upon our poor, poor souls!