Life is Party, Party is Life

So it says on the back of the Cuttiem package. It also says “Boys are like icecream.” *doink!*





I love her. The main complaint would be the gumby body, but that is also what is so pretty about her figure. So she is NOT very poseable, but has a gorgeous midriff and bustline. She has nipples, and surprise of surprises! She has subtle wee girly parts as well. Her skin is pure white, with red nails. Her hair is black w/ purple streaks. Umm…. squeeeeee! She is cute. Her clothes aren’t of the best quality. More the mattel quality than the azone, but definately has style.
Last but not least… a guest gave us this pic of Mr. Kallisti, taken while visiting China Town a couple of weeks ago. O, how it makes me happy! Honest, he’s been buggin’ me for one of those hats forever to shade his eyes while workin’ outside. I love him.


Such an awesome picture, if a bit dark. In front of our favorite China Town bar.

3 thoughts on “Life is Party, Party is Life”

  1. Hi!
    I paid about $60 from an ebay seller from Hong Kong. She came up under the search “cuttiem” if he still has any.

  2. Hey, sorry for butting in, but I’ve been looking for this doll for a long time, (I’ve allready checked ebay) and I was wondering if anyone could help me get one. If you can, please e-mail me and we can work something out.
    Thank you!!!

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