Kallisti at the Moobies

I must make a confession. I forgot to tell you something…

The new Miss Marple series on PBS’ Mystery is fantastic! 3.5 episodes in and I’m just now getting around to telling you. So sorry. But I found myself last night jumping up and down on the couch squealing “Miss Marple! Miss Marple!” As I waited for the little TiVo red light to come on. S’lovely. And all our favorite people are in it. For instance just last night! Joanna Lumley! And then, the first episode had Derek Jacobi. Not to mention the effervescent Geraldine McEwan as the wee dame herself. She’s scintillating!
Do forgive me and try to catch it in re-runs.
Also, finally received Casanova from Amazon.co.uk. It was scrummy! Very modern, liberties taken, and rather fast paced but it was all of a purpose and worked beautifully. Very witty and dynamic. Even the Mr. Kallisti made a point of sitting down and watching disc two with me. I was so delighted with the costumes that I made one in honor for my dolls. Very fanciful, reminded me a great deal of “Desperate Remedies.” But the dress isn’t done yet :p finishing touches is all and then you shall see.
So get yourself a region free player, or wait til Masterpiece Theater picks this up in two or three years.

In the mean time, here’s an updated list of Films For Which I Await [FFWIA]!
July 15

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
There are so many reservations one could have with a remake of a flawless original. But you know what? It is Tim Burton. And sometimes one just has to learn to let go. To trust. To forget the original and enjoy a fresh new interpretation.
I could do without Veruka’s track suit, however. And that is all I’m saying.

July 29

The Brothers Grimm
Grimm + Gilliam = Joy
+ Matt Damon + Heath Ledger = Huh?
Ok, ok. We’ll give it the benefit. BUT IT BETTER BE GOOD! That is all.

September 16: Finally! But limited release

Was released at the Toronto Film Fest LAST YEAR. Where is meh honeh!
The ultimate Bodice Ripper, a bio pic on John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. Naughtiest poet to have ever lived and one of my absolute favorite historical characters. He epitomizes the term “rake.” Johnny Depp as Rochester, and Shane McGowan makes an appearance as a “bard.” No official site or information really. I am anxious. Depp site w/ lots o’ pix.

September 23

The Corpse Bride
What is there not to love? Or have wiggle-pants for? AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

December 9

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
While waiting for Episode III to start, Beth and I were both struck absolutely giddy by the preview for the first of the Narnia pictures. It looks fantastic! Really, really fantastic! Go. Watch the trailer now.
And marvel. Tilda Swinton. My not so secret long time girl crush. I die!

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  1. Thanx so much for all the great info to look forward to! I can’t wait until the Corpse Bride comes out!…um…not to be nitpicky…it’s Violet Beauregard with the tacky track suit. 🙂

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