Jingle Belle!

Who’s busy? Second project for the day… make Jing’s stockings! “Jingle Belle” is an awesome comic by Paul Dini. All about the rascally adventures of Santa’s delinquent daughter. More cute than criminal, it is very spunky, and very well illustrated. Superb bathtime reading.

Yesterday, when we picked up the sewing machine, we also stopped by (eek!) the Disney Store to see what Tinker Bells they had on the shelves. Well, they are pretty gawd awful. BUT, but they were having a sale. One snowy princess outfit set FREE with any princess doll, which was also 20% off.
I’d been planning to do Jingle Belle doll almost from the beginning of the Volks obsession. And since Tinker Bell’s face is so very close to Jing’s it was a short leap to figuring out how to use it.
Well, it seems it works perfectly on, of all things, the Neo Teen body. Which is normally the more husky of the Volks figures. But with the giant Tink head (barbie size) it actually makes the doll body seem more petite. The green outfit and sweater, and the leather boots are by Azone. I bought a pair of stockings at the Pirate Store in San Francisco and cut them up, using a pair of Volks stockings to make a pattern.
What is left to do? I could make proper coverall shorts, but I think the mini dress is a fine facsimile. She needs a hat, either green peter pan style or santa style.

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