What better way to pass the time of a week in bed than to reroot a poor neglected Blythe! I’ve had this li’l Fruit Punch for months, but never found time time to do my mohair reroot. I vacilated numerous times as to her hair color. And when I had to cancel my Mlle. Rosebud order the decision was made to do a peachy pink girl. Mmmm. Here she finally is, and she’s more purdy than I ever could have imagined. Thanks to Paul for the fabu chips! She’s wearin’ p-chip blue sparkle, stock sbl pink, vm apple green and a custom deep purple p-chip. I Mr. Super Clear matted her face and painted her lips. Kept her shadow and glittered her lids and gave her fancy lashes. The hair is varigated peachy pink mohair rooted with #9 crochet needle, and my fingers have holes in them.

The pink phonebooth we found at an antique shop in Petaluma on Sunday, it lights up when you open the door! And has a wall mount! Great dolly display. The dream pet was found at the same store. I bought it because I had an identical one in blue when I was a baby. I even recognize the texture of the fur. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

5 thoughts on “Introducing…”

  1. Wow, she is purrdy. Love the tonality in the hair as well as the chips.. Where is you get them from. I have a Fruit punch that I have been muling over her fate, well at least her hair:)

  2. isn’t it great when you find stuff from your childhood? 🙂 She’s a peach! Great doll!

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