I think I’d name her…


She does look like a Gudrun, doesn’t she.
If I get a job and pay all my bills I can have her. And name her Gudrun. And then get two more Blythes and name them Ursula and Hermione and then I’d have all the girls from D.H. Lawrence’s novel “Women in Love” and I would be ever so happy.
They could run naked through fields of daisies having euphemistical orgasms.
But then I’d always have to explain that I wasn’t stealing the name “Hermione” from frickin’ Harry Potter, blast that book, but from Lawrence’s book but even MORE specifically on the character as played by the hilarious Eleanor Bron in Ken Russell’s film “Women in Love.” One of the funniest female archetypes ever.
I do need a doll named Hermione, to hell with Harry Potter.

Gudrun, Ursula, Hermione
(oh, and some guys who do a damn good job wrestling naked in front of a fire)

Someone please tell me why I do not have “Women in Love” on dvd yet!?!?!
Edit: Amazon had it new from a vendor for $7.50. It is mine. Damn ye gods!
We should have an Eleanor Bron film fest. With films like:
Women in Love
AbFab (“Be free my little void!”)

3 thoughts on “I think I’d name her…”

  1. Grr…people can be so silly sometimes. Just because half their class isn’t/wasn’t named “Hermione” doesn’t mean Rowling created the name herself :/ A number of the names in Harry Potter have a mythological origin behind them.

  2. some people get obcessive (scary people)
    hi just stepping out of lurking mode to say hi and i live in Eastwood. Where i hear you say, well it happens to be D.H. Lawrence’s birth town (somewhere he lived for 3-4 years in a small mining family home) but the surounding country side is full of places from his books so it’s kinda cool *nods*

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