Have I found my Annz?

Well… it would be Annz in Wonderland, wouldn’t it? They’ve lowered their price a bit, but I’ve been holding off since the Annz dolls got mixed reviews from friends I trust. The face sculpt and paint just weren’t quite up to par, although the kimonos were delightful and well executed.
But Annz in Wonderland… ah!

I also ran across new Rune dolls for preorder on Amazon.co.jp (who is shipping dollies now, zoink!). So much love for all the fairy tale inspired dolls that have been released lately. My collection of Alices has doubled, tripled, quadrupled! I think I need a display just for Alice dolls to live in. IN MY DREAMS! Like I have room… gah. I live in the tiniest wee cottage ever. If you only knew. I sell stuff because it won’t FIT!

I’m still waffling over

As I wait for my