Halloween for Dollfies

Yay! My first new dollfie since I got married and moved!

Most of my dolls have been in boxes since we moved. I actually started this one (she’s still nameless) ages ago when I rooted the head. This is my second root job (the first is too gross to be mentioned) and I used the purple NDR GLOW IN THE DARK hair! It really glows. Under regular light it is a pale matte lavendar, very pretty.
Mieux (maybe I’ll call her that) is a Beauty White J body with huge knockers, very hard to come by these days.

2 thoughts on “Halloween for Dollfies”

  1. Hmm, ya know I think it might work better if you could turn the upper torso a bit more to the right, for a profile shot. Of the upper torso. I’m not quite catching the contrast of the … hills and the valleys. With an emphasis on the hills, so to speak.

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