Granny’s Attic

Went through some of my Gramma’s lace the other day and found her doll clothes. I had a sneaking suspicion that these would fit Unoa, and I was right. They were all sewn by her little hands sometime in the 1910’s. You can see where my fixation for bloomers came from, these little pink and white striped ones matched a little smock that I was never able to locate. I remember copying these for my own dolls numerous times when I was wee.

I also adore the stand she came with. she hangs from a hole in the back of her head, so she can hold really cute poses.

And this is from my own childhood. I bought it at a flea market when I was about eight for one of my porcelain doll kits. It is probably from the 50’s or so and has yellowed quite a bit with age. I love it though! And it fits Trinian like a glove!


Now she just needs some good eyes. The grey acrylic look pretty enough to look at her, but photograph terribly.
There’s more, but I have to save some for tomorrow!

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  1. I reeeaaaaallly like the first pic. She’s lovely! I really love the wig and outfit together. It’s so subdued, and then… those lips! 😀

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