Did a little Target today. The shelves were pretty much cleaned out but there were two new Fashion Avenues that were cute enough to pick up, though I’m not really into this J. Lo thang.

And then there was TRU. Grabbed the last of the Bratz egg chairs and this 1/18 Ultimate Soldier “City Fountain Playset” … a little small for true scale, but a nice prop none the less. The angel’s wing is even shot off and she has bullet holes in her. Nice backdrop for Miette to learn the accordian.

And took this nice picture of Kisara, just cuz.

4 thoughts on “Goodies”

  1. Your dolls are able to pull off the J.Lo-ish stuff pretty well… they don’t look too ghetto at all. I like the fountain! It is a good prop… I should probably start collecting objects for photo props. Cuz my photos all suuuuuuck. Yours are so nice to look at though!

  2. My dolls got booty, that’s why!
    Yeah, props are hard. I need more too. Like a piece of an old rusted iron gate. Mmmmm.

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