• Birthday: April 9th, 2005
  • Sign: Aries
  • Age: 23
  • Type: Volks Super Dollfie
  • Head: Modified F-05 Old-skin beauty white
  • Body: SD13 B-06 beauty white
  • Eyes: HG Pale Blue 20mm
  • Wig: White
  • Esthetics: by Kallisti, eye modification by Mr. Kallisti<

Location: Ward for Young Ladies of Uncertain Habits

Profile: Ginevra has led a hard life. Typical of young rural beauties, she fled to the big city to seek her fortune and instead found cruelty, poverty and abuse at the hands of impecunious strangers. We found her pale and exhausted, curled up on our porch swing and took her in to try to nurse her back to health and clean living. However, old habits die hard, and she’s frequently found sneaking out to the honky tonks and art house cafés or sneaking strange substances stuffed into her coat pockets.

About: Ginevra is a modified F05 old skin beauty white volks optional head. The head originally looked like this. Mr. Kallisti executed considerable modifications to carve out the eyes, and create the inner eye wells that hold the glass eyes. I think she came out splendidly. She’s currently inhabiting Fifi’s original SD13 body. We don’t have current plans to get her a body of her own. I think instead I will invest in the largest collection of blonde and white wigs known to man.