or Christinadoll??? Looks like Oriettacat/Christina is having a reeeeally good month. revealed Gina’s new doll that she recently hinted at. And 10 to 1 Christina is the collaborative effort behind it. Squeeeeeeee!
Quote from Gina on TIB:

the cat is finally out of the bag! this is the gorgeous new girl that i`m introducing this week. she is indeed a collaboration with christina/jam fancy. i`m previewing the prototypes at an event in tokyo tomorrow and will be able to offer the first girl for sale in *hopefully* a few months. thanks for looking!!

I’m serious. Just sign me up. I’m such the huge JamFancy fangirl. And no one deserves it more than Christina. I’d buy everything she sells except half the time I don’t get there in time to put my dibs in!

My bad fairy. Rawr.
Also, we’ll be at the Super7 show for Paul Kaiju tonight in the city. BE THERE OR BE… not there.