Get thee to the Lane Bryant, pudgy goth girls!


The first two are the same blouse, but you can see detail better on the white. It is very see-through, but very CUTE with ruffles. The stripey babydoll next to it is satiny, and very tim-burtonesque. Which is happy making.
Some of this stuff is already on sale and I’ve had to order online. But wowie, I haven’t been this excited for a long time!
Did I say something about trying to add more color to my wardrobe??? Bah!


K, I bought that first jacket a couple weeks ago, and have been wearing it TO PIECES. Works with jeans, works with slacks. Yes. Uh, and more houndstooth, booyah!


Aaaaaaaaaand, zee cutest li’l jumper set evar. It is black knit over stripe t-shirt.
And we haven’t even hit the Velvet Season™ yet!