Galaxy Express

Made a day trip into China Town (San Francisco) today. Did good not spending alot of money. The last shop we were in was an Asian video/dvd/vcd shop, and we made a beeline to the porn basement.
But on the way down I spotted a copy of a Galaxy Express DVD, and it was the all region version. Wooo!
I’d actually shopped it recently on ebay, and it appears to be the same Hong Kong copy I was seeing there. Nice to pick it up in person though.
I haven’t seen it since, er… my late teens! Over 15 years… aaaagh! But I got a Maetel doll by Marmit earlier this year, and got into a discussion with a co-worker on Galaxy Express when he saw her on my desk. So… had to have it. It’s about time.
SO. Tomorrow while I finish rooting that beauty white mini with peach and green hair (weeee!) I’ll spend the day watching anime.
Pull out the Sol Bianca tapes too.
Oh! A little China Town gem… I couldn’t believe this li’l 1.5″ fella made it past the censors. He’s a little anatomically correct kitty incense burner. I die!

And no, that is not his tail. His tail is in back.

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  1. Well, you should be all set for when you want to have Feline fertility ceremonies and you need to burn some incense for that cause!
    I don’t know if I know that anime, but her face has that sort of familiar quality to it–like I’ve seen it all my life or something.
    There’s one sort-of-anime (I mean it was anime, but just so old and maybe technically-non-revolutionary that it seems strange to call it anime) that I watched when I was little and REALLY want to find. It was something like ‘The Seven Swans’ or The _____ swans at least, whether that be 12 or wild or what… and it was a fairy tale, the one about how a girl’s brothers are all turned into swans and the only way she can get them turned back is to not speak a single sound until she finishes making tunics for them out of nettles she has to stamp into fiber with her feet. Anyway, it was a movie-anime and It used to make me cry and cry. I haven’t seen it since I was little, except for one time I saw it on a spanish channel but I couldn’t make out any information about it from that. Grrr. I think I’ll go look it up, sorry for spamming your comments with my musings. 😉

  2. Ah! Spam away…
    That Swans anime sounds amazing. Do pop back in when you’ve figured it out.
    Galaxy Express… it is seminal. It was probably the second anime I saw after “Robotech” & “Battle of the Planets” (aka Macross) on KTVU after school when I was 8 or 9 (eek, the 70’s!). If you like space pirates, you’ll love Galaxy Express & Captain Harlock!!! Aaaaahhhh!!!

  3. I DO like pirates! I didn’t realize that Galaxy Express was that one that I’ve seen like fan art and cosplay of piratey people but now that you mention pirates I realize it must be.
    Want to hear something strangely coincidental? I’m poking around frantically looking for the swans film, and what bits I’ve gleaned from it……. It is directed by the SAME GUY as Galaxy Express! But it was done in 1977, one year before Galaxy Express, and for example on IMDB it doesn’t list it. Like it was before his career really took off or something? Hehe, not that IMDB is any expert in the field of Anime I guess…
    That’s Galaxy Express…
    that’s the director…
    This is the Swan anime!!!
    Still trying to find a way to buy the movie itself though…

  4. Oooh! Ah! And it is based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale.
    I luuuurve fairy tales. If you have any luck tracking it down, do tell.
    Galaxy Express is hard to get too. Hence thank heavens for the Hong Kong all region copy.

  5. Well, as luck would have it, a copy was on Ebay last night, and ended this morning! I set my alarm clock and sniped the video!!!! The last one that was on Ebay went for $51, but this one I got for $10.49!!! All the people that had been in the bidding war for the last one weren’t on the ball for this one I guess… I’m SO HAPPY! Anyway, yeah, I’m going to try to dub a copy so I don’t kill the actual copy watching it, and if you want I can make a copy for you or you can come over and watch it some time you’re in the City. 🙂 We can play with dolls and stuff! hehehe.

  6. Hi,
    I too love the seven swans. I’ve been looking everywhere for a copy of it. Could you please post all the information you have on the vhs please? I’ve gotten some information from this page, but not enough to track it down. Could you please post the date, director, etc? THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.

  7. Wow, you’re really going through the archives! 😉
    Anyway, let’s see…
    That post I have said a lot about it, I found it during my research… if you do not direct link to the thread just o to that ‘Japan Forum’ and search for angrybutter, it is the only thread I posted in.
    Feel free to email me if you need more information… I am too lazy to go find my copy right now but all of the info might be in that forum’s post already.

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