Food, food and more food!

Spent yesterday as Sister of the Host at the First Bay Area’s Food Blogger’s Picnic, hosted by my brother at and several of his buddies. OMG. I am still full of yummy goodness. And sunburned to boot.
And look, my arms in a stranger’s blog (scroll down a few images) pouring some mighty fine Nouvelle Orleans absinthe. I thought: now here’s a crowd who can appreciate a fine artisan-made liquor. I did several food network style presentations, giving history, background, method, tasting notes and myth busting. Much approval and interest all around. Very receptive, and they DIDN’T ARGUE when I told them why it wasn’t proper to set the sugar cube on fire.
Also, did I mention the meat? OMG. My brother is a genious.
Sorry I haven’t been around this week, answering emails or replying or sharing my dollies. I’ve had a house guest all week… I’m so excited. She’s moving back to the area after having been in San Diego for 6 years and finished her Masters. In one week she landed a job as a teacher in a very challenging school district and got a large studio in our neighborhood. YAY! I’m so proud of her I could squeal (and I do, frequently). School starts one week from today so she’s running back home to pack up and move everything up here in the next few days. Yowie.

4 thoughts on “Food, food and more food!”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your love of the Ab***the.
    It was such a cool experience to sample it in the company of someone who knows about these things.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 20! and I got a white f-13 head coming in the mail! OH HAPPY DAY <3<3 I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

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