I actually made an entry the other day that I didn’t post complaining about various different doll companies, and one of them was Azone not releasing anything I liked for the past YEAR.
Speak of the devil, they just previewed their new Fairies of Darkness line! Woo! It has been exactly a year since the last series came out, and these are cute!

And much, much morepre-order available at (view previous link and match up the descriptions as Hobby Link don’t have no pix). Just so ya know, these will more or less fit Blythe, just a weeeeeeeee touch on the larger side.
Oh and um. I think we will have to get this.

I don’t have an Azone doll! She will be my first… Sahra in Wonderland. Available in April.
Too bad there is no good 60cm stuff. *sniff*
My other complaints? I don’t like the last 23847374 new Volks SD releases. Not a fan. I want to live in a Kyon sculpted world.
I don’t have a Kyon doll. Hrm. FIX THAT.