I just went on a fabric spree. It has been sew long since I’ve sewn anything I really needed to start from scratch. Got all the basics, the extra bobbins, elastics, new scissors (been using mine in the kitchen. Ew.) and all that.
In any case, went and cleaned out the remnant bins at Joann’s & Discount Fabrics in Berkeley.

My splurge item was the frilly stuff you see in the foreground. It is a bit pinker than in the picture (and the mini polka dot in back is a bit redder) but you get the idea. Most of the scraps were between .49 cents and $1.89 for a half a yard or so. And that black clump in the back is 1.5 yards of black cotton velvet. And I love the Baskin Robins polka dot.
I had made a list of what I wanted and pretty much fulfilled it my first shopping trip. Polka dots, checks and stripes in reds, pinks and blacks. Weee!
I see about 2347384 Super Dollfie bloomers and bunny hats w/ matching pinafores in that stack of fabrics. I can’t sew too much before Fifi’s arrival. But I think a few bloomers would be ok as long as I use lots of elastic!

2 thoughts on “Fabric!”

  1. WHOA NELLY, I need to get my arse to that Discount Fabrics ASAP. The selection looks totally different from what I can get over here, and I really want some of that stuff! *dies*
    I feel like I’ve been going to all the ones here continuously for the past … oh … 7 years and there’s nothing really new EVER. Grrrr. Oh wait, actually the one really close to me got a ton of stripeys and polka dots, I was amazed… but it’s very high polyester content and kinda scratchy, but so cute! (not to doll scale unfortunately. :/)

  2. I remember going to DF on Haight year after year… it definately all starts to look the same. DF in Berkeley had an awesome selection. The polky dot fabric I got is too stiff, but it was, er, like $1.89 a yard so I said fook eet, I’ll make a SD outfit anyway.
    Not so hot on the stripey front though, so I’m glad I bought the red/white when I did.
    Went through my historical pattern book today looking for hat pattern for a friend and had soooo many ideas. There are ones that were germinating, and I found the actual patterns in there to do them. I just need Fifi to model. Except for the hip buckets, I think I can do those on my own :/
    I hate not having her here to sew while I have two freakin’ weeks off and no where to go!!!
    K, bed time!

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