Ellowyne Wilde “Nevermore”

Ellowyne Wilde & Hortencia

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I received my Ellowyne Wilde Nevermore last week. And despite my original snotty review/impression she’s really lovely. My criticisms still stand, however Nevermore is really a compelling production. When I opened the box I was really surprised by her big head. I like it. And firey redheads always sell me, and I giggled when I put Hortencia & Ellowyne on the stage together and noted they are using the same batch of fire red saran. Nevermore’s outfit has lovely attention to detail, excellent scale, and is lined in pink ^_^ She comes with a stunning little capelet, but I like the slenderness without it. Her hair is really lovely, and a nice compromise from some of the other Ellowyne up-dos that I thought were a bit too formal or blah.

However, I still think her face is a bit on the dewy-eyed bland side, and prefer the arch snottiness of Hortencia & Euphemia. I’m contemplating a repaint. Though my hand isn’t nearly as fine, I might be able to squeeze a pout out of her!

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  1. Somehow I was under the impression that Ellowyne had to be smaller, like 14″ or something like that. But it turns out she’s 16″!
    Are her feet flat or arched?
    As for Hortencia & Euphemia, I rarely appreciate Tonner sculpts and makeups, but those two are really something!

  2. She has the same high heeled feet, and her body is similar in proportion to other 16″ Tonners. She has really lovely hands ^_^

  3. Thank you, I’ll make sure to have a look! 🙂
    *Sigh*, I really don’t need to fall for another new doll.
    I’m really liking Ellowyne’s wardrobe though, and I guess keeping an eye on those outfits of hers that might fit a couple of similarly sized dolls I have wouldn’t hurt.

  4. I do love your Tonner girls! I am so surprised that you do not have a Mrs. Claus since her sculpt is so similar to your Hortencia & Euphemia. And her beautiful white hair is so dreamy! Regardless, I am so pleased to see these new additions to your wonderful dollie family.

  5. Melissa! I *do* have a Mrs. Claus! I just never got around to posting the poor dear. I really like her, her hair really is gorgeous. Due to limited space though I’ve packed her away as a holiday decoration. Hopefully we’ll see her next christmas.

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