doot di doo

Sometimes I build an entire outfit out of a piece of trim, or knowing what kind of fabric I want to use. It is more difficult when I build an outfit because I want to complete The Bonnet Projekt ™ we started over a month ago at Professor Judy’s Dolly Bonnet Seminar (I melted my first attempt by steaming the buckram to death and it collapsed o_0). I love, LOVE, building the bonnet frame. Figuring out what to go with and the fabrics to use? Not so much… Only because I’m ambitious and there are many components and thiiiings to doooooo.
So after I finish this whole outfit I should just sit down and make a buncha hat frames and then I’ll have them at the ready when I feel like doing a complete garment.

4 thoughts on “doot di doo”

  1. I MUST know how to make a bonnet frame! If you have any links that tells how or feel ambitious enough to share details I will be loving you forever and ever 🙂

  2. Would really like to get this pattern or find one just like it. Please and thanks

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