To Dolly or Not to Dolly…

080728_MSR_fis1.jpgHello Boys & Girls!
So I don’t have to talk about Real Life™ (yet) let’s talk about DOLLS! *falls over*
A year of not shopping has sent me scurrying to the internet for sporadic and vicarious dolly fixes. And I’ve recently caved and made a couple wee purchases. This year’s CWC Blythe releases have left me breathless and gnawing my knuckles off (attractive, no?)… for all the girls I’ve had to pass up, I’ve just committed sweet revenge by pre-ordering Swiss Cousin Olivia and Miss Sally Rice!
080805_CO_aid.jpgI’ve been a bit disappointed that many of the new releases are using the Superior face mold (as opposed to the new Radiance mold), but Cousin Olivia is my perfect blondie with rosie cheeks. Mew! Having missed out on Miss Retro Mama, I won’t make the same mistake on Miss Sally, her little showa friend.
And another recent obsession is Kimono edition Licca, Jenny, Momoko etc. fashion dolls. There are so many that I’m trying to be choosey, but I have grabby hands. I haven’t seen any recent Annz editions… wah!?!?
These two sold out so quickly (when I couldn’t buy them any way) that I had to stalk YJP… well, like a stalker!

I’ve been so busy with Real Life™ that I just don’t have the time to spend 1:37 hours posting randomly on the internet (the time it took to post this bit o’ fluff) and it is making me very sad. And the only reason I’m doing so now is that I happen to be on vacation! Work, for a change, has been very rewarding, and ironically a hell of a lot more demanding. I’m struggling to keep the Blastmilk dream alive but obviously it has been a challenge, and it hasn’t seen the love from me that I still want to give. But this past year was full of enormous changes, struggles, and sacrifice. There have been some happy sunshine days, I’ve got the sunburn to prove it, so I’m not in perma-doom mode. But yeah, the past twelve months have kicked my ASS.
One good thing is that the House O’ Blastmilk has seen massive technology upgrades this year. Our six year old PC died (or rather, was so broken that we could no longer turn it off for fear of it not rebooting at all), and the television blew up which all meant that we got to go SHOPPING. We’re a bit poorer, but everything is so happy, fast, and shiney that I could just about pee. Have I mentioned recently that TiVo is the most amazing toy in the whole world!?!?!
All that and not to mention work promotions came with bonuses of cash and equipment and I am one hooked up pro-style webmaster on the GO.
Now if I could just figure out how to hook this blackberry up to my brain and blog by thought alone, I’d be all set! Rawr!
See, I knew I shouldn’t have talked about real life. WHERE ARE MY BLYTHES!?!?!

7 thoughts on “To Dolly or Not to Dolly…”

  1. I’ve enjoyed your beautiful site for several years now. I nearly owned a bjd or anything Takara until I found you. Now I have several of both. Thanks for the education and the enjoyment. Best wishes to you.

  2. Hi I just had to leave a comment – I have just spent a few pleasurable hours browsing your site – never normally read blogs but yours is brilliant – witty and warm and well written (scuse alliteration). And I love your costumes….. sigh. Dont stop posting!

  3. Hi!
    I hope all is well with you ….I miss your missives dearly.
    I want to try absinthe for the first time and would like your advise… Ive been looking at what’s available at bevmo…do you have any recommendations?
    Also, do you still have any spoons for sale or know a good place to acquire them?
    Really, I have worried about your absents,
    kind regards,

  4. yes i must agree! yours is a website i keep visiting for years now, and am always so amazed at how much imagination, creativity, love and attention to detail you put into all that you do.
    thanks for making your creative workings available to all of us who enjoy these sort of things. many more successes to u!

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