Creepy Li’l Dead Girls – Autumn Update

And then… while shopping Mr. Kallisti’s winter PS2 collection, I saw this on the shelf.
Ok, I don’t play many video games. Really… I’ve gotten like three in the past couple years. Katamari Damacy, Fatal Frame, Katamari Damacy II, and Fatal Frame II. So that’s four, but you get the point.
This looks a lot like Fatal Frame, except in 1930’s England. With creepy mean girls AND zombies. Awesome. Reviews are full of accolades for atmosphere, music and design, and not so much for killing things and gameplay. Sounds perfect to me. I want to wander around and get creeped out. Oh, and I think you get to touch big creepy spiders.
So, I’m going to try it. At the exhorbitant, just released price too. Because I’m crazy that way, this’ll be my game for the year. If anyone has played, let me know what you thought!
Here’s the Official Site, but the Japanese version has more movie clips.

Super Dollfie Lolita patterns galore! Both Dollybird #8 (Lolita Edition) has three patterns each for SD, MSD & Tiny Betsy by BTSSB. While Gothic & Lolita Bible #22 special Dolly Issue have Super Dollfie dress patterns by h.Naoto and Angelic Pretty. The G&L versions don’t need to be resized! *falls over*
Nothing mind blowing here, they all seem to fall under the standard one-piece Lolita dress. Though I really love the sailor collared one from Dollybird.
pinky-range-murata.jpg finally got the one pinky st. I wanted: designed by Range Murata. Sweet! They’ve had pictures posted for like two years or something. I’m glad I randomly checked again.