Doll & Hobby Preorder REDUX

Sweet Lord, this just in from Frank:

OK, here’s another Preorder from Volks. Basically just the limited dolls
from Hometown Tokyo 2, but the Dollfie Dream Basic Body is included finally!
Hopefully you find something you like! See it at:
Please note that preorder terms are basically the same as always. Prices listed are in Yen, Dollar price will depend on the exchange rate when we receive the order, plus 15% for shipping and miscellaneous costs to us. I CANNOT give shipping dates or Dollar prices until anything is invoiced to me or in stock. Please don’t waste both of our time by calling or e-mailing to ask about this. I will e-mail when I know anything. Thanks again, Frank.

Also, am I nuts or has Volks dropped the prices on it’s finished 1/6th dolls?

7 thoughts on “Doll & Hobby Preorder REDUX”

  1. Hi, my name’s Julia. 🙂 I just happened to find your site while searching for more Dollfie Dream info. I ordered one yesterday and am anxious for her to arrive. She’s my first large Dollfie. It’s great that she was affordable! I just wanted to say your DD is beautiful! I’m anxious about painting the face, if you have any tips, I’d really appreciate it. 🙂 I’m so glad to find other DD owners online! I haven’t found many!

  2. There *aren’t* that many owners online! They’ve only been out for a couple months and until very recently, very hard to get. It was well worth the wait, yer gonna love her!
    Painting the eyes was kinda hard, my first try, while well painted, the eyes were a bit off and you could *really* tell.
    So Calamity is my second try. They do have the decals though, and they aren’t bad. Doll & Hobby has them on that preorder too.

  3. Actually, if you were looking for more technical help…
    I sketched on the eyes/eyebrows with a white pencil first. You can paint over it and it also rubs off with a toothpick very easily. It was a nice way to get the visuals down. Or you could use a light brown pencil too.
    The DD comes with a pamphlet with instructions on how to paint the eyes, what colors to set down first. You basically put down your mid tones first, working darker, and then come back and put your light tones and highlights in. Except for the whites of the eyes, I put those down early on.
    Use tiny brushes.

  4. Hello! I came across your site while searching for more Dream Dollfie info. When I clicked on the site to pre-order one, I noticed that they didn’t have DD listed at all. Do they not sell Dream Dollfies anymore?

  5. Thank you for replying to my question so quick! I now have some other questions that I figured I’d ask you since you’re so much more knowledgable in DD’s than I am ^^;
    Can Dollfie Dreams wear SD 10 & SD 13 clothes? I’ve seen a lot of auctions on ebay with pretty SD clothes, but am uncertain if they will fit a DD (which I’m hoping to order today ^^)
    Can DD’s wear SD wigs?
    Can SD heads be used on DD bodies?
    What do you use to keep the wig on? I’ve tried using double-stick tape on my DP’s wig, but it comes loose easily and falls off. ^^;
    What do you use to paint the faces? (You paint such beautiful faces on your dolls, btw. Do you take commissions?)
    Ok, those are all the questions I have (for now ^_~) Thank you for taking the time to answer them!

  6. About DDs.. How easy would it be to paint the face of the open eyeholed optional head? What kind of paint would be useful for painting the make-up alone? Do you have any tips? Thanks.

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