Demelza Grimwig


Birthday: June 1, 2004
Sign: Gemini
Age: 14
Type: Volks
Edition “Lady Sylvie”
Head: Limited Sylvie
Body: SD10 FCS pure skin w/ medium breast
Esthetics: by Kallisti

Profile: Demelza Grimwig is an impish girl. She got her hair slammed in an upper story window when she was creeping around in my attic. I trapped her by offering her snacks, which ensared her in our world forever.

About: Lady Sylvie was the first Volks doll I think I really fell head over heels for. I tried in vain to get her when she was released in October of 2003 (or thereabouts) but I was much less savvy in the ways of scoring these hard to find treasures. A couple deals fell through and I set my sights elsewhere and ordered my FCS F-13 in December.

The next year I noticed they were still popping up relatively cheaply on Yahoo Japan. Finally I snagged a girl sans costume for a very good price. I had already bought the costume some months earlier from someone else. My Sylvie was coming home!