Delectible Shopping Season

Just when I am punished and cannot shop. I might have to sell something to get these girls though, Oshare Style Fashion Girls:


That’s right, they’re fashion dolls by Takara. Mmmmm!!! Helene’s posted the full page from Dolly Dolly 5, clicky here! They’re gonna be about $60, ouch! Especially compared with the $35 Rune girls. But they are 25cm, so a bit smaller than Jenny and a bit taller than Licca. I imagine licca sized body with the head? Oh boy. Available November from

And then, better pix of the Sweet Girls. Mmmmmm.

And the October, November, December Calandar girls.
La Reine Rose.” Random tiny cute doll from Takara found on There are a bunch of them, but only one pic. For October Release.

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  1. Gah, I wish I could find somewhere that sells the Rune dolls! According to Dolly Dolly 4, it appears that they were released in June. I want to see what they look like in the flesh, so to speak. ^^

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