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I’m looking for Japanese dolly display cases, in the 20-21″ range. I have a couple dolls of my grandmother’s, one gorgeous Ichimatsu, that are in desperate need of seeing the light of day. But I’ve seen what dust and cat hair can do to fine collectibles, so they’ve been in storage since I inherited them.

(sans doll, of course)

We found them in China Town this afternoon, but they’re about $100-$125… is this the going rate? I wanted to check before committing as that is a lot of money. I’m beginning to think it is, but if anyone knows better, or knows where to get them cheaper online, please let me know! Doll cases from Michael’s need not apply.
Mr. Kallisti is threatening to make me one. But the cost of glass might be prohibitive? I don’t know…

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  1. yes it is a lot of money and that is the going rate for them. they can go for even more too. i’m down in so. cali where little tokyo is and love to visit the japanese ceramic-doll shops. it should also be well noted that the cases from japan are even MORE fragile! the glass is much much thinner.
    when i bought a ceramic set with glass case i wanted the case unassembled. sounds like it would be safer on a trip home doesn’t it? but they advised me well against it because the cases and the glass are just so fragile. they’re safer to take assembled!
    there are a lot of companies here in the states that make display cases just as nice and less pricey. i would suggest them. or make one. i think thats best.
    …right now the heater is on at my house. sounds of lil tapping can be heard. its the japanese glass case.

  2. I dunno if it would be cheaper or more expensive, but perhaps instead of glass you could use Perspex?
    – Therese

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