decisions, decisions.

They just released pix of the new Over The Stripes limited Blythe today. She has a red bob w/ bangs! Aaaaaaaaaah! Among many other special limited thingie-poos, not least of which is a little dog in matching sweater.
But then I’m thinking… HLJ.com is now carrying Volks Dollfie Dream! That means she’s at retail, baby, retail! No shoppin’ fees or nuttin’. For those who don’t know Dollfie Dream is Volk’s giant dollfie, she’s as tall as a Super Dollfie but has the body of the 1/6th girls and is made of vinyl and is MUCH CHEAPER than a SD.

So I am torn. I didn’t want to buy 3 Blythes, but I know how fast these girls go and who wants to regret a super cool limited girl that comes with 10 tees and a beauty mark and hair (sans curl) like mine?

And of course I shouldn’t be getting either if I want to save enough money to fix my car AND be ready for summer dolpa. AAAAAaagh. I hate being a materialistic bitch.

I should just go drink carrot juice and take a walk down to the Ferry Bldg and drink another DECAF LOWFAT ICED LATTE from Peet’s. Yes, I’ve had to kick caffeine AGAIN. Apparently it makes me want to have a heart attack and die and hyperventilate and all that. Which is unpleasant.
Other great news is I’ve reduced my Blastmilk bandwidth between 5-15% by hiding and reducing my px. So that is good. I still don’t like it. I like things to big and bold and graphic ALL THE TIME. I’ve also reduced the absinthe pages bandwidth by 14%.

Even with all that it is still not enough and I’m exceeding my bandwidth, just not as much. *sigh*

7 thoughts on “Dammint”

  1. Decision is simple, easy, and obvious….
    I would get Blythe. Like you said, they go faster than you can say “I want one, please…”
    Whereas DD, maybe the longer you wait, the more head molds options they might come up with?

  2. That is what I am coming around thinking. I really do have a penchant for redheads, being a redhead. And a redhead with a bob and a puppy. Gah!
    Then I must stop. Unless the re-release Asian Butterfly or something.

  3. Get the DD cuz you know how HLJ.com is about reordering stuff when it’s out of stock, especially when it’s Volks stuff! Since Volks STILL hasn’t made the blank body available for us to purchase (it’s been what, almost A YEAR since it came out?), now is the opportunity at that price.
    I went ahead and ordered after seeing on Miva’s blog that it was on HLJ.com! Was kinda shocked that HLJ.com is able to get it but Frank can’t??? Grrrr! Either way, that’s not a bad price at all!
    As for your bandwith, who’s your host? You should consider getting another hosting service if you’re exceeding bandwith. I love my pics big too (and at high res) so I made sure I got a host with tons of bandwith.

  4. My host is pair.com… I have tons of bandwidth, but I also run 4 other sites than this one. I have a quota of 21 gigs a month, which is a lot. I’m pretty good with my design/code etc but my traffic on the more popular sites has been steadily increasing. I’m trying to find other ways of limiting bandwidth consumption before I go offsite. I have all the proggies and databases on this one and I don’t want to move!

  5. Get the Blyth! Normally I don’t care for the look of Blyth dolls, but this one really kicks arse! Even I want one, she looks so cool! Plus, you could share all those tees with Calliope…

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