Pullip Fanatica! I wish’d I liked Pullips more. They are so cute, I like their faces… but I think it is their bodies. I don’t know. Pocky, my Pullip, is a shelf sitter and it makes me sad. And I wanted Principessa so bad, but again I am afraid of the languishing doll syndrome.
Now, to Groovy Groove or Not to Groove. With Thistle here I almost don’t want another doll, but GG is so perfect and I will name her Gudrun. Perhaps I could get her and leave her boxed until I need to either play or sell.
I might change her blush, it seems a bit too orange in some of the actual in box pictures. But I want to see more of her!

3 thoughts on “Cute.”

  1. I LOVE Pullips. I think they’re so cute! Do they have the flat head thing going on like the blythe do?
    That’s one of the few reason’s I dun like blythe very much… i like only really nice looking ones like yours! ^^

  2. You mean the flat face? Yeah, disconcerting at first, really endearing as time passes 🙂
    But Pullips don’t have that problem, really cute faces and nice round heads!

  3. Pullip has gotten a new body since Moon/Pocky. I don’t have any Pullips with the new body, though…erm…I think they may also include stands now…not sure…anyhoo…along with new bodies, they now also sport (very securely glued) wigs (but, still wigs, and removable, and SD-size wigs) instead of rooted hair. Just some more thoughts to throw into the Pullip Or Not Stew. Whee.

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