Crawling from the wreckage

Do people actually like apples and nuts on their salads and pizzas??? Or is it just me that runs screaming from such gastronomic nightmares?
Seriously, as much as I love the fresh food revolution I go absolutely ballistic, and verbally so, everytime I see a pumpkin & pine-nut tamale at the artisinal grocery store. Dude, freak out.

Other than that whoa, have I been preoccupied. We’ve got lots of family furniture coming in and going out among the three households we have here. It is a regular round robin. But it means that the house has been in shambles since Thanksgiving, and we’re just now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Woo! Gaining some stuff, losing some stuff. It is all good. Pictures I’m sure sometime soon.
Got my hair did last night at ZipZap in the Lower Haight, and went down to Old Navy after to kill a few moments to let the commuter bridge traffic clear. They were all sold out of long johns for Mr. Kallisti (aw!), but boyo did they have the mega clearance in the fat ladies section! I was thinking travel clothes (have I mentioned that I’M GOING TO EUROPE!?!?!?) and got thin wrinkly (read: wadded up in luggage) cargo paints in a dark raisin for $3.60. Dude! Another pair of comfy jeans for $8 and a black jersey dress (luggage wad again) for $7.
When I was younger it was all about the groovy thrift store clothing. Now that I’m old and fat I buy things on clearance (sometimes). HAHAHAHA. Kill me now.
I’m actually very grateful that the market for pudgy funsters is so much better served than it used to be. There was a time between 18 and 32 where I couldn’t buy a pair of jeans.
Think about. No jeans. Once I grew out of the Levis I could wear in high school, I didn’t get another pair until Lane Bryant upgraded around 2000.
[returns from lunch retrieval from the cafe downstairs]
Um. I just clucked like a chicken at the CEO. Did I mention “kill me now”? Um, please.
Haha! Did you think I wouldn’t post about dollies!?!?
This is what you get when you subscribe to newsletters. First dibs on dolls you don’t need (but there was coupon!). This is the latest Ellowyne Wilde: Raven, and she’s just my style. Heee! Fire red copper hair and black crepe pleats. Sigh. The black rose in her hair looks like a raven. *smitten*

2 thoughts on “Crawling from the wreckage”

  1. ENABLER!!! I am SO NOT doing the Big Head Ellowyne thing! But my Liebchen wants that outfit…..
    w00t! on the Old Navy finds….I was pretty impressed at their old fat chick selection myself. Though I got rid of the slip dresses this year, as no longer Age Appropriate.

  2. Missed you BAAAAAAAD!!! Love your Raven. The EW faces remind me of the old 19″ Uneeda Dollikins. Sweet!

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