Circus! Circus! Lolita! SD Couture!

Two things.
1) Drove by a pet store and noticed hot pink velvet & zebra striped chez lounges for dogs in the window. Went back the next day to check the price as the ones online we’d been looking at were in the $300-$400 range. The lounges were only (!) $99, but they did have this darling purple sofa for considerably less. I died. Died so much I went back the *next* day and bought it. I have another leopard print chair on the way too. Sigh.
2) Spent the weekend sewing. Came up with a nice mix-and-match set (there will be more) of two bloomers and a bonnet in Super Dollfie size. The bloomer pattern I drafted myself, the bonnet pattern I adapted from reprinted antique doll patterns. Very tricky! I used Pullip as a model, her head should be a similar size. It is much more pink than in these pictures. The ruffley pantaloons are magenta, and the Baskin Robbins ones are magenta and pink. I love this combo! I think I’ll call it the “Circus Circus Lolita” set. For obvious reasons.