Can’t resist Santa Girls…

or posting Azone’s updated deluxe size pictures of the new Seasons outfits.

I wish’d they’d done it in classic red and white too though. I like Santa.
Looks like Azone is using the Obitsu body more and more. Better body, bad hands though. Hate the Obitsu hand sculpt.
“Can’t resist Santa Girls”… oh yes I can, when you have to buy the doll to get the outfit. Piffle! They’re doing a Christmas Lycee.
But I don’t like the doll and she couldn’t sell for enough to make it worth while to buy it just for the outfit.

2 thoughts on “Can’t resist Santa Girls…”

  1. I like Lycee…..
    Maybe i could get the doll and sell or trade you the outfit….wonder how much moola she is?

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