Biscuit and TiB.

Biscuit has turned into a bratty teenager. The only special time we have anymore is when he sleeps on me at night, and strangely, when I’m at the computer. He loves sitting on my keyboard drawer. He loves the computer. He stares at the screen and pokes at it, or just flops down (see below) on top of my mouse hand, pushing the keyboard away (or laying right on top of it). He has a funny little chirpy purr and this is when he purrs the loudest. In front of the computer.

Please forgive the artsy blur, I was firing at lap close range in order to get these action shots. Because, of course, he only does this when I’m sitting at the keyboard.

Other than that he’s a total beast. He’s a biter, and very hyper. He likes to gnaw one’s arm like it is a pork chop. Yay! He’ll walk right up and chomp your ankle and then start licking it. Li’l freak.
Oh, and that is the new blythe “Margaret Meets Ladybug” on the This is Blythe forum. Um, my work/doll room curtains are red gingham with daisies on them. I might have to get her to make a lamp out of her or something for the work room. Eeeeeeeeee!

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  1. Gah! Ghost cat! Heehee he’s a solid boy… I love the last picture of him just stareing at the screen.

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