Beauty B

Something else I haven’t made her own page for… The Volks Beauty B body with #2 style Dollfie Plus head.

Er, she doesn’t have a name yet either! For some reason I’m not in love with her. Fiddlesticks. I love Visine, but not enamored of the dollfie plus’ I guess.
In any case, she’s still cute in the Azone Chocolate Cushion Valentine outfit (white) and the red velvet Fairies O’ Darkness. The boots are also spectacular. The problem is I’d rather see all these on another doll. Sigh.

One thought on “Beauty B”

  1. Hey, anyone out there? I would like some info about Dollfies, mainly prices!! Can anyone tell me how to order one?? in English, not Japanese?? I’m a total novice on computer. Hope someone sees this.

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