Azone’s new new webpage

Azone has another new web page! The Azone Collector & Toy Division.
And their Alice doll is now nearly two months behind schedule. WTF is up with that? I know I cancelled my preorder, but I’m still desperate to see her.
I turned down a Unoa Boy bday present. Can you believe that!?!? I thought about it and realized I would be buying him only for his poseable winky. Sigh. So I thought Alice might make a good stand-in for my birthday.
Oh! I found a news page on the new site and it says she is arriving tomorrow and they are very sorry for the delay! How cute is that? But she arrived in very small quanity. Gah! And the flight caps and gear have finally arrived as well for everyone who has ordered them. I, ironically, cancelled my preorders and am very sad. UGH.

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  1. hello Friends,
    I want to order Unoa dolls, can you guys give me link and how to order this is dolls , Thank YOU SO MUCH !!!

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