You know you’re cool when your hobby is in Bust magazine


First , I’d like to congratulate JoAnn for the Bust interview in the article “Women who play with dolls” (or some such)! I knew Gina, Donna & Tiff were gonna be in there from the TIB forum, but I am soooo tickled to see JoAnn’s name in lights along with her sexy goh guy. Volks is getting exposure. Doh! Go get it now! June issue is on the stands.
A bit of irony re: another article in this issue (and I’m not a regular reader of Bust) is called, and I paraphrase heavily, “Financial planning for stupid fucked up slackers.”
Gah! *shuffles feet*
The other book we bought at B & N was “Financial Planning for dummies.” Yes, I know. So dumb. But it’s true. I’m one of those people who stood around at cocktail parties looking fantastic all through my twenties. Now I’m 35, married, still manage to have the cool dot.bomb job and I’m absolutely clueless. As my therapist (yes I’m seeing one) kindly put it “you are completely unprepared for adult life.”
That hurt.
But suddenly I want to know I won’t be a homeless junkie when I’m 68, and it really, really matters. So what does that mean? I HAVE TO STOP SPENDING MONEY.
That hurts too.
I can’t stand being here. There is so much to do at home that I am climbing out of my skin.
My pretty girl awaits! Aaaaaaaaaaah!

3 thoughts on “You know you’re cool when your hobby is in Bust magazine”

  1. Ooo, that’s cool about the mag. Gotta pick one up! And I am just twitching waiting to see what you do with Demelza, your face-ups are the goddesses of dollie hotness.
    As for financial planning woes–it could be worse, you could be me! I have no HS diploma, no job experience, spend thousands on dolls, and will probably reach the homeless junkie stage by 28, not 68.
    But God do I have fun! Wouldn’t have it any other way ~_^
    -Jen<—not sane

  2. Yep saw the Bust mag at my bus stop and read the headline ‘Grown women who still play with dolls’. Thought of you ^^ Well, I mighe check it out.
    I don’t think I’ll have probs with money… at least I hope not. I’m an ant when it comes to money… I hord, hord, hord…. I only allow my self to take money out once in a while, hence I don’t have a credit card or checks…. I’m afraid I’ll use them too much.

  3. I’m sorry you’re so stressed, dollikins. 🙁
    The whole spending thing is tough, I know. Try a budget? I know, it doens’t work for me either. I’m woefully unprepared as well. We’ll see if I end up destitute when I’m in Japan. I hope not! Maybe I just need a shock of the real world.
    Yay for the mag too!
    And yay for Demelza! I can’t wait to see what you do with her and like everyone else, I’m waiting with baited breath.

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