You can hear Fifi screaming:

“Give me back

my body!”

(Please introduce yourself, Miette…)

Ok. Guilty admission. I worked so hard on Miette yesterday, and I was finally pleased with the 3rd (in total) outcome. But when I put her on Fifi’s body I immediately had this sinking feeling. It wasn’t Fifi and in seconds I missed her. Sigh. New book: Idiot girls who love their dolls too much.
Does anyone else have similar bonding issues? I love her, she’s exquisite. But that lack of initial joy freaked me out. I mean, I think if I got her in a box, all complete and opened it to find Miette, I would be freaky joyous. But this whole body sharing thing is over rated. hehee. I feel like she’s Fifi’s succubus. Hrm. Yes, that is it. I’ll have to add that to her profile. Perhaps if I just think of her as the little french cousin who lives within and eats your soul, I could get used to it.
In any case, I know part of the problem is that I had a very specific dress in mind for her to inhabit, and I have barely even started it. I just hated having her head sitting around unfinished. So, voila! I loved adding to the super dollfie page. Weee!

3 thoughts on “You can hear Fifi screaming:”

  1. Invasion of the body snatchers? lol I think she’s cute!
    I want one so bad! *_* I might go for the Nono that’s on ebay… if she dosen’t go up in price too much, and even THEN I’ll be eating dog food for a month or 2… *sobs*
    ‘The things I do for love!’ ~Courage the cowardly dog

  2. WOW! She is gorgeous, you did an amazing job (once more). Love your choice for a name too, a reference to City of Lost Children?
    Those pink frilly pants kick all sortsa ass BTW ^_^

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