I just won my first two auctions in a year off of YJP. I’ve bid on a bunch of stuff since I got Fifi and lost ~*everything*~ until now, when I won two in a row!
I got one uber gothy Volks pvc gown, aaaaand a mixed wine wig, oh boy! The gown I bid on, for one reason, because no one else was and the price was still so good! And it turns out I had a picture of it on an F04 I had saved off of YJP a few months ago…



The doll is NOT MINE, though I love her soft eyebrows, she looks very aristocratic. She was a model for an auction. But the last image is the dress in package from the auction I won. Oh boy. The wig I sent Celga the request with just SIX HOURS left. And they bid at three, totally awesome.
And I was browsing my F04 folder on my hard drive becaaaaause… I did indeed get an F-04 head! It came today, a beauty white head from Masamichi, his new system is splendid. My enthusiasm for receiving my lovely, lovely head was sorely damaged by the fact that I am feeling like absolute maniacal crap. Poo.
Contemplating happy gifties winging their way to me from around the world helps though!
And I can’t wait to see Anika’s Sasha. And Butter’s Cyndi. Those two make me very happy.