Yay! and… ew?

First the “yay!”

“Volks is planning to have another tea party at the Volks mansion in August. There will be lots of one-offs and a special exhibition of the new Super Dollfie FCS heads. I am sure everybody who can attend will have a great time with lots of excitement! VOLKS USA will be announcing more specific information and how to come to the party at their website”.

and here’s the “ew.”
That’s a first for me with Volks. They’ve definately had dolls I haven’t liked. But none that actually revolted me off the bat. Who knows. Maybe I’d change my mind with a different head. I’ve so been looking forward to the SD16 girl. Waaaah! She’s actually what I was afraid the LA exclusives were going to look like, the “california girl.” Just ugh.
All from news about the NY Dolpa, which is all very exciting!
I’m so excited for another LA mini Dolpa! *starts saving wildly* My birthday AND our anniversary are in August, so lots of excuses for largesse.
We had a super fab weekend. Pix from all around coming soon. Much love to Paul & Melissa, whom we saw off with a carload and a belly full of Casper’s hotdogs this morning. Godspeed!